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About SERA Inc.

Energy PAYT
Mountain Nebs

Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc. (SERA) is a research and consulting firm specializing in economic, policy, and evaluation analysis for solid waste and energy clients.  Established in 1990, SERA has a nationwide client base including utilities, municipalities, counties, authorities, and state and federal agencies.  We specialize in helping clients develop effective programs and strategies – and we use our expertise in integrated planning, evaluation, and economics to improve program performance and cost-effectiveness.  SERA is a boutique firm, providing cutting edge analysis on specialized topics for our clients.

Energy:  Our work focuses in several key areas: non-energy benefits (NEBs), attribution, free-ridership, net-to-gross (NTG), measure retention, program evaluation, surveys and market research, forecasting and modeling, and integrated planning.  SERA’s “NEB-It” model represents the “state of the art”, and SERA has been a leader in measure retention, program evaluation, and measuring “hard to measure” impacts – publishing widely in these areas.

Solid Waste:   SERA is the premier firm nationally in the area of Pay as you throw / variable rates (PAYT / VR), and in program evaluation and measurement.  SERA has an extensive body of work in recycling policy / strategy analysis, forecasting and measurement, survey research, rate analysis, and policy evaluation for clients nationally and internationally.  SERA maintains the largest database of solid waste programs for communities across the nation, which we use for performance benchmarking and quantitative analysis for our clients and our published research.

Sustainability / Net Zero / Environmental:  SERA has experience in developing and evaluating programs designed to support sustainability goals for communities.  We have designed, assessed, and evaluated wide-ranging strategies in energy efficiency, zero waste, water conservation, and air emissions.  SERA has measured the dollar and avoidance impacts, impacts on metric tons of carbon equivalents (MTCE), job creation and economic development effects, environmental effects, and developed pioneering and defensible measurement methods for “hard to measure” impacts and “green goals”.

SERA’s staff have “hands-on” experience, having worked within solid waste and energy agencies for many years.  We support our research with a firm basis in data and real world experience.  We offer practical solutions based on our own follow-through experience, as well as our experience as consultants for numerous clients.  We have established effective methods of working closely with clients across the nation, combining on-site time with our specialized national expertise.  We bring a blend of national and local perspective to every assignment. Dr. Skumatz, SERA’s Principal, has more than 30 years of industry experience, she has taught scores of workshops, and regularly presents papers at professional conferences.  She has been the keynote speaker at half a dozen conferences in the US and overseas and has received lifetime achievement awards from two national associations (National Recycling Coalition (NRC) and Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)) and the Colorado Association for Recycling. She is currently serving as the Mayor Pro-Tem of her home town in Colorado.


Our Consulting Services....

Recycling/ Pay as You Throw / Solid Waste
SERA has extensive experience balancing solid waste management and environmental needs with short and long term economic considerations.

Energy Consulting
SERA’s energy consulting practice is diversified, covering evaluation, measurement, economics and program analysis.

Non Energy Benefits / Impacts
SERA is the leading firm nationally in the area of non-energy benefits (NEBs).

 Sustainability / Environmental
 SERA has nationwide experience in sustainability topics.

Social Marketing Consulting
Using outreach and education to advance your program's effectiveness

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